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My Top Albums of 2010 — A Fact-Based Approach

  • Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”
  • This is one of the entries where my list and Rolling Stone’s converge. I typically steer away from music with a “college-y” sound, for lack of a better term. It’s similar to the New Wave movement from the 80s which I also never really understood. Similar to the mindset of college students, I feel like being different comes before actually being interesting and entertaining. I did however find a lot to like in this album but for some reason as soon as I saw their SNL performance, I lost interest.

  • Kaipa “In the Wake of Evolution”
  • Kaipa has continued to put out solid albums since they re-united 10 years ago. Even without Roine Stolt they can still put out a solid, prog release.

  • The Weepies “Be My Thrill”
  • I’ve always thought that Weepies albums contained 50% genius and 50% filler. This one’s no exception but I’d put put this song, Hummingbird, in the genius category.

  • Bo Burnham “Words Words Words”
  • For some reason this white, rapping, piano-playing kid reminds me of myself 10 years ago. Every time I listen to this song I discover a new pun or creative line I missed before. None of his lyrics are filler.

  • Crooked Still “Some Strange Country”
  • Another solid release full of re-tuned classics and this rare original.

  • Elton John & Leon Russell “The Union”
  • I love Elton John and think everything he recorded in the 70s was pure genius. I even liked some of his work in the 80s and 90s. However, I don’t really get the praise given to this album. I’ll hope he rediscovers cocaine for his next release. Maybe a Lindsay Lohan duet?

  • Paul and Storm “Do You Like Star Wars?”
  • I wasn’t nerdy enough for They Might Be Giants in middle school but somehow I’m nerdy enough for Paul and Storm today.

  • Angra “Aqua”
  • Angra has a unique sound being a progressive metal band from Brazil. Their Brazilian roots bleed into the music which is why it tends to stand out against the prog acts coming out of Scandinavia.

  • Blind Guardian “At the Edge of Time”
  • If I was to hand-pick my favorite metal album of the year this would be it. Adding a symphony to a prog metal act is a great solution for shaking up a tired formula.

  • Glass Hammer “If”
  • After a few less-than stellar pop-rock albums, Glass Hammer returned with a prog vengeance. They unapologetically sound a bit too much like Yes this time around and their album artwork shows they embrace it. I miss the vocals of Susie Bogdanowicz who played such a heavy role in the last few albums. I’m her Facebook friend now, though there’s no prog-related status updates. She’s busy having prog babies.


    1. I looked at my iTunes to see my list from 2010 and realized that there wasn’t one album released this year that I loved. Only maybe five or so that are even “good”. Then I looked back at 2009 and there were a ton of great ones. Don’t know why, but it ended up being a weak music year for me for some reason.


    2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, reading and commenting! 🙂 I’m glad I found your blog because I really do love it a lot.

      How long have you been playing the guitar for? I’ve wanted to play the mandolin after listening to Mumford & Sons. They are a favourite. There are far too many instruments I want to learn, play and own.

      I somewhat agree with Ben Zell. I thought 2009 was a better year in music. I create my own top favourite music of the year as well. I only pay little attention to what everyone else says is ‘hot’. Yesterday, my mom had said I don’t know what the ‘hot’ popular music of today is. She’s somewhat true and I like it that way. I pride myself that I don’t have Bieber fever and I hardly listen to the radio. If I do listen to the radio, it’s usually when my iPod is out of battery or not with me. I’ll be on Pandora, an online stream or I go to music blogs. I listen to what I like and not necessarily what everyone else likes, but in all, I respect all the other musicians everyone else seems to listen to. To be honest, I haven’t heard of most of your top 30 in 2010. But I am a fan of your 1973 playlist. I really like Billy Joel, Elton John and Led Zeppelin.


    3. What an interesting and varied collection. There’s a lot of bands on here I’ve never heard of, but I think I’m going to love them all.

      I forgot about that Pain of Salvation album, which I adore. I’ve only heard that one, though, and I’m told it’s not their best.

      I was very disappointed with the Final Frontier – ever since “Brave New World” Maiden’s releases seem so blah – pale shades of what they once were. A great album by any other band, but for Maiden, I didn’t think it worthy.


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