Music Tinkerings

 Somewhere in Czechoslovakia with You

Valentina’s Lullaby

Carmela’s Lullaby

GarageBand Works

Real Guitar

This was my first attempt at playing the guitar directly into Garageband using the built-in Garageband amp. It was also my last.


This really shows what 2 years at Berklee College of Music can do. Just imagine what could be done with a full degree!

March to the Movies

I remember very specific details about writing this little song.  I was probably 16 years old (1996 ish) and was listening to the soundtrack to The Rock a lot.  I remember thinking that the last half was so good that it couldn’t have possibly been my own (I also thought Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home was the most beautiful song ever written).   I still play it on the piano now and then and we did it using Garageband in 2007.

The Village Inn Waltz

Part of me wishes I could just write songs for video games, but it would have to be early 90’s role playing games.   This song sounds like it should start playing as your characters walks into a new Inn looking for a weapon and armor upgrade, and maybe stay at an Inn for the night.


For whatever reason I’ve always loved the french horn so I when I discovered that Garageband had a decent sounding horn, I abused it for this song.

Leveling (The Baby Jesus is Born)

There’s really not a logical explanation for this one.  I often just name a new song file something random and change it to something more appropriate later.  In this case I called it “leveling” and since the song didn’t really make much sense, I left the title in.  It was written around Christmas 2007 so my wife and I told the story of baby Jesus in random sound clips throughout the song.  None of it comes from the bible, and none of it is accurate.

Let’s Dance

I’ve always liked Weird Al’s Polka Party songs.  They’re great for people with short attention spans.  It needs no explanation, and I offer no apologies.

Live Recordings

You, Me and the Train

My roommates at Berklee were recording and production majors, so they often used me to record their projects.  This is the only recording that still exists and was the first song I wrote for my future wife.   It was recording in 2000 at around 2AM as studio time was tough to reserve and were used for classes during the day.  The pauses between the phrasing is cringe-worthy.


September 27

This is the second song written for my future wife, this time for her birthday in 2002.   I’ve always liked the hymn-like section in the middle, but would struggle to remember how to play it today.


This one’s the last midi song I ever did and still play it as an unfinished solo piano piece. I finished the midi version but never really liked the ending and have always refused to play it as written here.

Brown Rain

One of my old roommates always liked this song and it remains in my solo piano repertoire. I’ve always meant to actually record it, but I don’t often play it through flawlessly.


I wrote this song in the spring of 1998 for a high school midi class for a girl far out of my league. It was preformed during the final school spring concert with a drummer and bassist though no known recording exists.

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  1. Hey Jason! Your recordings are awesome! I’m hunting for sheet music/chord charts to Opening Up from Waitress. Would you mind sharing what you played — it was perfect! Thanks dude.


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