A Conversation with a Spammer

Espionage of the Spammers

In the 6 months that this site has been active I’ve been hit with over 300 spam comments.  Luckily, the Akismet pluggin has worked great to quarantine these message but recently I’ve found just how funny they can be.

I understand the intent of these messages.   These spammers are trying to appear as legitimate commenters so that I will allow them to comment freely on this site.  Once they’re in, they spam the site with comments selling their websites, pills or creams and possibly notifying all previous commenters on the new post.  I’ve saved some of the more interesting ones and listed them below with witty comments.

Spam comments for My Grandfather’s War:

This is the perfect post and may be one that is followed up to see how things go.  A good friend sent this link the other day and I will be desperately waiting your next post. Proceed on the top notch work.

He’s going to follow up on this topic and desperately awaits my next post?  I hope this isn’t a spoiler to anyone else, but the Nazis lose.

we gon’ party tonight

Is my Grandfather invited?

Spam comments for A Thong and a Kayak:

Are you sure about this?  There are several mistakes in your blog, so better see them.  Without a doubt, well-written article.

I’m sure much of my blog posts so far have debatable facts and opinions, however, this post really isn’t one of them.  It details how a photo of mine on flickr receives so many hits each day as it’s tagged with “thong” and “kayak” and a few other keywords that are of interest to men of a certain age (11+).  If this guy wants to debate me on how men don’t like thongs, bring it on.

Good points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

If this person’s going to reference an additional thong photo it seems like common courtesy to share it.  I don’t mind if the details are less specific, we all like a good thong photo.

Surprise! You definitely covered this subject well. Are there other choices that i am going to need to examine out?

Boo!  I could suggest a canoe and boxer briefs I suppose.

Spam comments for Under Appreciated and Almost Funny Photos:

I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

This is a strategy that probably has a decent success rate, though this specific example might be a bit dated.   Enough people probably wrote a blog about MP3 players that if you post this comment on a few thousand random blogs it’s bound to make sense on at least a few of them.   It doesn’t start making sense even after 3 or 4 reads and your brain does begin to melt so it’s not suggested.  And no, it doesn’t help me make an MP3 player decision either.

Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.

I thought I was getting a talking to here.

Spam comments for Name that Tune Competition #1

You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

Actually, no one agreed with this blog.  That’s the reason I haven’t made a competition #2 post.

Spam comments for Banjo Update #5:

Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

First of all, I suggest this person starts with Banjo Update #1 or this simply won’t make any sense, especially to someone new to online.  And I’d like to recommend 5″ floppy disks as a more modern solution for record keeping.

t’s such a tickety-boo site. imaginary, extraordinarily stimulating!!!

That one was real, right?

Baa, Jasihn's photostream doesn't really have any photos that relate to this, baa.


  1. “Tickety-boo” is fantastic. I am going to start using it today when I leave comments on all the other blogs I read.


  2. Despite all the blockades for Spam, we will always have to defend against it. Spam bots do get smarter, one day, they will read our Captchas.


  3. I haven’t tried to record my spam comments but I see some of them can be funny. In all cases are generic comments that suit almost in every post.

    Be human and post worthy comments is the better way to evade the filters.




  4. Excellent post about SPAM. You have written a spot on article with much more detail information than other SPAM posts I’ve read. SPAM is a delicious treat.

    Ok, seriously though, good post. Most of my incoming spam attempts are less subtle and include direct links in their first post attempt. I do find some of the attempts to be amusing….or sad if they think it’s going to work.

    (Here via Gera’s blog)


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