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Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2018: A Photographer’s Perspective

Of all the yearly festivals, Grey Fox is the only festival where I haven’t pestered them to give me a media pass. While I would wear the badge with honor, I don’t see it as giving me much of an advantage over the competition. Everyone’s friendly enough that if I’m not a bother people make way for a man with a giant white lens. I sometimes feel that I could walk into the photography pit on the main (night time) stage showing only a glowing bluegrass smile as my credentials. I’ve never tested it, in part because if it turns out to be untrue it would ruin some of the magic that I’ve created in my head.

The Host (?) and Star (!) of Grey Fox 2018

Instead of breaking this post up by day, I’m going to break it up by stage, and then by various other topics. Days don’t much matter at Grey Fox. It’s either a Grey Fox day, or it’s a regular day not conforming to the traditional non-bluegrass calendar. I’ll discuss the challenges of each stage, while including the usual anecdotes of my adventures with the camera.

Click Here for The High Meadow Day Stage (Main)

The Grey Fox (2018) Boxed Set (this is a multiple-page post)
The High Meadow Day Stage (Main)
The High Meadow Night Stage (Main)
The Dance Stage
The Creekside Stage and The Sierra Nevada Tent
Jamming Around the Farm
The Fans of Grey Fox
A Pirate and a Parade
Main Stage Changes -- Year 2

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your post and your photo’s. Although your knowledge of the festival itself is a bit short because you miss a very large part by not staying on site. I understand your point of view as far as it goes. I do disagree with your opinion about the day stage and recognize that it is poorly informed and over simplified. You are obviously unaware that several big name performers have refused to play the outdoor stage in the afternoon hours because they are looking directly into the sun and it is blistering hot on that stage for them. Notably, in 2016 a large part of the schedule had to be re-arranged on the fly because of one performers refusal to play. I do understand your perspective given the information you have, but please know that there are other elements in play here.


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