4-Days good at the Banjo

It’s now been 4 days of Banjo playing and I continue to proudly hold the title of best Banjo player in my house.  Taking a similar approach as I did with the last excercise, I found a piece I liked and played it a few hundred times (in a row per sitting).  I have no idea how my wife can stand to listen to the same 20 second clip of music that many times without wanting to pry the banjo out of my hands.

The high-G continues to be counter-intuitive, and in this song it’s emphasized even more as the high G plays into the melody, not just as part of the roll.   Here’s what the song is supposed to sound like; She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.  It’s faster than I can imagine playing right now and if I attempt to play it even close to this speed I just trip over myself.  I’m quick to blame the fact that I’m still using the plastic picks and not the typical metal banjo picks.  It couldn’t possibly be that I’ve only played for 4 days.  Anyways, I ordered some metal picks from last night as no guitar store around here carries them.  I expect to be humbled by the fact that they don’t make me the banjo wizard I claim to be.

Here’s the pay-off of 4-days worth of banjo practice.   The World Cup jersey allows me to tag this blog with both Banjo and World Cup, hopefully making this the top search hit if anyone ever Googles “World Cup Banjo”.

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