Name That Tune — Competition #1

Pope's Statues
Where do I know that song from?

I wanted to put up a new video of the keyboard today but didn’t exactly have something specific in mind.  Instead, I played random stuff using my new favorite sounds.  I thought it would be fun to see if anyone can guess the 13 songs that I play, albeit poorly,  in this short video.  I can’t imagine anyone could get them all, but I’m hoping I’ll be surprised.  My wife knew six of them.

The person who guesses all 13 correctly wins positive thoughts for a year, and if I know you personally, I’ll make you an apple crisp.  If you know half, and someone else knows half, just paste in their answer.  Cheating counts as winning, unless you use an iphone app and suck all the fun out of it.

And now with a bonus video challenge:

October 3rd EDIT: I’ve closed the competition with a respectable 2 serious attempts. I think the fault in this was the length and variety in song types. While I tried to put in something for everyone I think I ended up boring everyone except myself. Here’s the complete list of songs in no particular order (yes, even I’m not going to watch the whole thing again):

  • “Voices” – Dream Theater
  • “Jump” – Van Halen
  • “Learning to Live” – Dream Theater
  • “Wait for Sleep” – Dream Theater (it was more than the tease in “Learning to Live”
  • “Kokomo” – The Beach Boys
  • “Home on the Range”
  • “Wedding March”
  • “Introduction” – Marty Friedman
  • “Subdivisions” – Rush
  • “Portrait (He Knew)” – Kansas
  • “Nostalgia” – Yanni
  • “America” – from West Side Story
  • “Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey


  1. voices – dream theater
    jump – van halen
    learning to live – dream theater
    ? part of it sounds like the spirit carries on, but I don’t think it is
    kokomo – beach boys
    home on the range – ke$ha
    subdivisions – rush
    the bridge just got married and shit – Fresh Prince
    portrait – kansas
    sounds like a weird of version of the kinslayer by Nightwish, but I’m not convinced it is
    don’t stop believing – journey

    I like how you include the footage of you going over to turn the camera off. You should also have included footage of you turning the light on and plugging in the keyboard in the beginning. 😛

    Awesome bonus footage by the way!! Technically a different Eminem song, but A for effort.


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