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Every Year at Grey Fox

Funny Money

Every year at Grey Fox I accidentally return home with useless funny money in my pocket.

Cargo shorts are the perfect apparel for festivals and photography. I don’t understand the recent hate for cargo shorts, but I don’t understand most fashions topics so I won’t take a strong stance. With pockets for a phone, wallet, keys, lenses, lens caps, etc, my fashion choice here is largely one of function. But all those pockets add an element of danger when filled with pieces of paper that expire when a Grey Fox weekend is over.

Bluegrass Bucks (or Funny Money) are the only currency accepted for food and drink at Grey Fox, and they cannot be used again the next year. They have a 1:1 conversation rate to the US Dollar for 4 days, but when the pickin’ stops on Monday the conversation rate is closer to that of the Zimbabwean Dollar.

Every year I remind my family to check all their pockets for Funny Money as the last day of Grey Fox comes to a close. But every year I fail to take my own advice and I always find at least a few funny money dollars in one of the many cargo pockets.

I don’t have a picture for most years which seems to break the premise and purpose of this ridiculous post. I’ve clearly lost the point.

Every Year at Grey Fox
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  1. Jason, thanks so much for including me in this fun piece.Great to see you every year! It is true that Alfemur (one word) fractured a femur and later tore a shoulder. Doctors told me to take up swimming. I don’t like water and Hooping sounds like swimming so I made up a fitness program hooping 1/2 hour daily. This is a great chronicle of my progress!!. In 2015 I started my daily hooping at Grey Fox. My belly disappears with the years!!. Alfemur on Facebook and You Tube.


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