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Every Year at Grey Fox

The Angry Pirate

Every year at Grey Fox a man dressed as a pirate screams into my camera.

Unless it’s too muddy out, The Grillbillies parade happens every year at 5pm on the Saturday of the festival. There’s costumes, and there’s always something about Christmas. I always get the impression that the participates spend more time preparing for the parade than they do enjoying bluegrass. That’s probably not true, but fine with me either way.

In 2012 a pirate cowboy parader stared and scowled at my camera and I didn’t think much of it. The next year he did it again. After that it became a yearly quest to get him to scream at my camera.

In 2017 there was no parade due to the mud so there was no angry pirate photo. In 2018 I thought the annual tradition may have permanently walked off of the plank as there was no sign of a pirate float. But as I was planning to walk out of the Grillbillies area and back to the bluegrass area I saw the angry pirate sitting under a large tent so I went and introduced myself. I told him of our one-sided relationship and he was happy to pose for the 2018 edition. I should have asked him his name. Maybe next year.

Every Year at Grey Fox
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  1. Jason, thanks so much for including me in this fun piece.Great to see you every year! It is true that Alfemur (one word) fractured a femur and later tore a shoulder. Doctors told me to take up swimming. I don’t like water and Hooping sounds like swimming so I made up a fitness program hooping 1/2 hour daily. This is a great chronicle of my progress!!. In 2015 I started my daily hooping at Grey Fox. My belly disappears with the years!!. Alfemur on Facebook and You Tube.


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