Introducing McGorty Plays…

Good Golly Ms. Mary-Jane
Good Golly Ms. Mary-Jane

Introducing “McGorty Plays…”, a new series on the YouTube Recording Label where I sit down for 2-4 minutes and play a few songs by a given artist. This installment features 4 short clips by the singer-songwriters Arlo/Woody Guthrie, John Prine, Melissa St. Cloud and Townes Van Zandt. Often, by complete coincidence, in the same key as the original artist’s recording! Now available in Full Color HD video highlighting such colors as black. And White! The 1996 Yamaha piano used may look familiar to those attending select weddings in half of the 6 New England States! Made from piano-grade plastics in Hamamatsu, Japan, this piano is known to withstand direct heat from sources less powerful than a turtle’s heat lamp (RIP right speaker). Available for a limited time as YouTube may not be around forever.


McGorty Plays Van Zandt

McGorty Plays Guthrie(s)

McGorty Plays McGorty

McGorty Plays Prine

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