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Green River Festival 2018: A Photographer’s Perspective

Hula-Hoopers, Hot Air Balloons, and Dancers

Most festivals I go to have hula-hoopers, but they’re spread out a bit and appear and disappear without warning. The Green River Festival had a designated field with a huge supply of hula-hoops in varying sizes. I could simply find a spot on the grass to hear the music, and have near infinite access to hula-hoop photography. While I love hula-hoop photography, this does take some challenge out of it. It’s like lovers of bass fishing getting their bass fishing fill at the Bass Pro Shop (I think that’s a thing, I’ve never been). I prefer to capture my hula-hoopers out in the wild, but there’s certainly fun to be had with the farm-raised variety.

If there’s one thing that can differentiate the festival from any other, it’s the hot air balloons. I never even considered taking the short tethered ride myself, but this year my family made the quick journey.

Taking photos of fans having fun captures the other side of festival. No media pass required.

Click Here for parking and access

The Green River Boxed Set (this is a multiple-page post)
 The Bands of Saturday
 The Bands of Sunday
 Hula-Hoopers, Hot Air Balloons, and Dancers
 Parking and Access

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